Gamification of Syllabus

Technologist: Experiment on Gamification of Syllabus

An on-going project. This involves the gamification of learning. A scenario is produced such that the protagonist is a technologist in a village that require the technology to survive. This is in a medieval setting where modern technologies are absent. This creates appreciation among students on the importance of engineering and technologies. Specifically, they will learn about motors and how it can be used in the village (for farming etc).

The flow of this demo video seems slow, I am tweaking it to incorporate technical problems very step of the way so that students do not have to wait in length for the story line to progress in order to start learning on the topic. At the end of the video, a browser is opened up that access a Drupal (a cotent management system) mutiple choice question page.

The student proceed to solve and the results is saved for viewing by the teachers. Since every motion of the learner can be recorded in the 3d game, many analytics can be extracted from this concept, to estimate the competence of particular students on specific topics.