Wire Bonding Table

Development of Demo Sets for Taiwanese Automation Exhibition

PBA Systems participate frequently in international motion control exhibitions to promote their product lines. I’ve been in charged of developing the demo sets that are used to showcase the motors and motion control solutions. The idea is discussed with the engineering team or an existing product, I wire, tune and develop the software.

Here are some of the exhibits:



Dual head Linear Actuator (I’m on the left of the frame =D ):


Wire Bonding Machine:

Precision Motion Control Lab: Cantilever Gantry

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FEA Simulation

Electromagnetic FEA Simulation for Levitating Device

As part of a final year project, to study the possibility of building a stable magnetic levitated device, I did an FEA simulation in Ansys. These simulations are useful to check the effect of pumping current into the coils to the net force exerted on the levitated device.

In a similar fashion it can deduce the torque ripple on a motor to deduce the best geometrical design for the rotor and stator.