Generating Magnetism Online learning

How to generate Magnetic Fields – 3d Animation over Green Screen

Breaking from the usual powerpoint – self cam format, I’ve decided to demonstrate the ways of generating magnetic fields to students in a more documentary-style format.

I created the 3d models and animations, render them. With some help with video editing and green screen work, I manage to produce a documentary-style presentation of this topic. This changes in format can uplift the student’s interest when consuming materials in large quantities. You may watch the video below:


laptop robot

Outreach Activity: Young Roboticists Workshop

Polytechnics in Singapore has to engage in outreach activities to promote engineering to secondary (high school) students. These outreach has to give the students a sense of what engineering is while attracting them to the field.

I’ve designed a workshop with the teaching materials and accompanying marketing website that teaches robotics to students. Instead of using real robots which is not so scalable and where visual results can only be attained after many hours, a robotic simulation is used. We used the software Microsoft Robotics Studio.



Learning Robotics

This workshop is all about teaching students robotics by programming virtual robots. In the process, they will learn about programming, robotics and have the pleasure of seeing the virtual robots move to their command.


Designed for Beginners

MS Robotics Developer studio is a popular platform for robotics simulation. Being new to programming, it might be daunting to write out code.  So the solution: Graphical Programming. Students will program using Microsoft’s Visual Programming Language. It is very intuitive and perfect for beginners.


Check out the website: